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Securifi's Almond routers head to Asia

The powerful, user-friendly routers are selling in Asia, with Singapore as the first stop.

The Almond 2015 won't look out of place alongside your home decor.

Securifi's feature-packed routers have arrived in Asia, and if you're keen on getting your hands on one, the good news is that it's now on sale here in Singapore. The bad news is that it's still waiting on wireless certification for other countries in Southeast Asia, so you'll have to wait for the Almond, Almond 2015 and dual-band Almond+ to pass muster.

Selling for S$350 (which converts to around $245) for the Almond+, S$140 ($100) for the Almond 2015 and S$112 ($80) for the Almond, the routers are a little more expensive than what they're sold for in the US, but not by much.

For those thinking about smartening up their homes here in Asia, the Almond 2015 and Almond+ routers are designed to serve as a smart-home hub, and are compatible with both Zigbee and Z-Wave devices.

Both touchscreen routers feature a cool interface that allows for programming simple smart-home logic sequences similar to IFTTT (If This, Then That). It lets you set up conditions, like sensing when you leave your house, and results, such as turning off connected devices.

The company also showed off a beta version of the app with a similar programming tool, and says the updated app will officially launch in the coming weeks.

Expect to see the routers in your local electronic shops in the coming months, alongside compatible accessories such as motion sensors, Zigbee Door/Window sensors and programmable key fobs from its Asian distributor, Ingram Micro.