Optimum Announces New Multi-Gigabit Plans for the New York Tri-State Area

The provider's Optimum Fiber is introducing 2 gig and 5 gig speed tiers starting this summer.

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Optimum is getting into the multi-gigabit game with two new speed tiers, Optimum 2 Gig Fiber Internet and Optimum 5 Gig Fiber Internet, to be introduced to parts of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. The new plans are scheduled to be made available this June in parts of Long Island, New York, before spreading to other parts of the tri-state area throughout the rest of the year. 

New customers should be able to get Optimum 2 Gig Fiber Internet for $120 a month, while Optimum 5 Gig Fiber Internet is set to be priced at $180 a month, the same rate AT&T charges for its own 5Gbps fiber plan. Tri-state competitor Verizon Fios has a similar 2Gbps plan, also priced at $120, made available to customers in the Big Apple in February. However, it doesn't have a 5Gbps tier.

Both Optimum plans feature symmetrical download and upload speeds, as Optimum's new tiers will be available over a 100% fiber network. Currently, most of Optimum's footprint, more than 5 million customers across the country, is connected by its hybrid fiber-coaxial cable network. Optimum's first-quarter 2022 report revealed it currently has 1.32 million households in its fiber-to-the-home rollout, which it hopes will reach 6.5 million by the end of 2025.

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Optimum confidently hopped on the multi-gig train, which left the station in January when AT&T and Ziply Fiber first announced their multi-gigabit plans. Frontier Communications and Verizon followed up shortly after that by announcing superfast fiber plans of their own. 

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