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Now the Olympics have banned Wi-Fi hotspots too

The International Olympic Committee has put Wi-Fi hotspots on the list of things banned from Olympic venues.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has declared a ban on Wi-Fi hotspots at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Because money. Or terrorism. Or something.

Leave it at home.(Credit: Wi-Fi Alliance)

London looked pretty good after announcing a major Wi-Fi roll-out to serve visitors and locals around major city locations. But London itself can only control so much, and the IOC seems to be making a habit of erring on the side of draconian when it comes to letting ticket holders actually enjoy the Games.

Now it has been found that Wi-Fi hotspots sit right alongside drugs, toxins, pets and bikes as a banned item from Games venues.

Perhaps it's to make sure that no one does any of that photo or video sharing from the crowd, which is also banned. The spirit of bringing the world closer through the Olympic spirit is alive and well.

If the IOC had a little more tech savvy it might have realised that the data traffic density in major stadiums typically makes wireless data a joke, anyway. Let's hope by Rio 2016 the Olympics accepts that you can only keep a lid on social media for so long.