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Maximize your Wi-Fi

Does your home Wi-Fi need some help? The gang from The Fix offer tips for squeezing your network connection for all it's worth.

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Your home Internet connection takes a lot of abuse. It's more than just a way to check your email and browse Facebook -- it's your pipeline for HD videos on Netflix, video chat, online gaming. And not just for you, but for everyone in your home and every new gadget that comes through the door.

If you're dealing with slow connection speeds or frequent drop-outs, your router is likely the root of the problem. So to help you dial in the best settings for your Wi-Fi router, Eric Franklin will tell you how to access your router settings and what changes will make an impact.

But making your Wi-Fi stronger and more reliable does not necessarily mean it will reach every corner of your home. To help you get every room connected, I'll show you how to take advantage of devices that will extend the range of your home network -- even to a basement or attic.

To cap it off, Sharon Profis will show you how to do more with your improved network by attaching storage and sharing media across all of your connected devices. No more fishing around for external drives to dig up the baby photos -- they can all live on the network.

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