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Luma ships Wi-Fi system to compete with Eero in price, features

The new Luma Wi-Fi system is similar to the Eero in Wi-Fi coverage and ease of use, but it costs $100 less and has more features.


A single unit of the Luma.


If you want cover your home with Wi-Fi but can't afford the Eero, here's an alternative: the Luma Wi-Fi system that ships today to preorder customers.

The Luma costs $400 for a set of three units or $150 for a single unit, compared with $500 and $200 for the Eero.

Similar to the Eero, the Luma is a system that consists of multiple units (starting with a pack of three). These units automatically connect to one another either wirelessly or via a network cable, letting users easily place them around the house to expand the Wi-Fi coverage.

CNET will test and review the Luma at a later time. However, if the system works as intended, it will be the second Wi-Fi system (in addition to the Eero) that can quickly, effectively and conveniently blanket a large home with a Wi-Fi network that's fast enough to share an internet connection.

It's said the Luma will have more features than the Eero, such as the ability to work with the Amazon Echo and allow users to control their home network via voice command.

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