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Hooking up with Net telephony

roundup Upstart Skype strikes deals to take its VoIP service beyond the PC, while AT&T hopes for a Net phone renaissance.

Upstart Skype strikes deals to take its VoIP service beyond the personal computer, while AT&T, doyenne of the ancien regime, hopes for a Net phone renaissance.

Net phone start-up broadens its horizons

The start-up hopes to expand beyond its free software offering, but with a pricing model that differs from that of carriers like Verizon.
July 23, 2004

High-speed hopes for AT&T

The company's slow road back into the residential phone market will be tied to broadband's march across the United States.
July 23, 2004

Senate panel embraces state VoIP taxes

A bill was supposed to keep states away from Internet phone services. One amendment makes all the difference.
July 22, 2004

Verizon's Net phone service takes wing

Launch of VoiceWing makes Verizon largest traditional phone company yet to enter growing VoIP market.
July 22, 2004

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Judge: Feds, not states, should govern VoIP

New York judge says states have little control over Net phone providers, a victory for Vonage and other upstarts.
July 20, 2004

The price of VoIP's thriftiness

It's about 30 percent cheaper than traditional dialing, but Net-based phoning has some not-insignificant drawbacks.
July 19, 2004