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Google Wifi gets a price cut: $199 for a 3-piece mesh router

With holiday buying season right around the corner, Google is repositioning its first-generation mesh router as a bargain pick.

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Google Home Nest Wifi points

A three-piece Google Wifi mesh router setup is down to $199.


Google is lowering the price of its original Google Wifi mesh router today to $199 for a three-pack, the company tells CNET. Meanwhile, a standalone Google Wifi router will now cost $99. Pricing for the second-gen Nest Wifi mesh router, which updated the design and added built-in Google Assistant smart speakers, remains unchanged.

With multiple devices designed to relay a faster, more reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home, mesh routers are a popular wireless networking upgrade pick. Though it's a few years old at this point, Google Wifi was an early standout in the category thanks to stable performance and ease of setup.

The lack of support for next-gen Wi-Fi 6 connections that are faster and more advanced means that Google Wifi isn't future-proofed nearly as well as much of the competition -- but the new price positions it as a potential bargain pick for the holiday buying season. That buying season is set to kick off earlier than usual this year thanks to Amazon Prime Day, which was delayed this summer and rescheduled for Oct. 13-14, a week from today.

Correction: This story originally stated incorrectly that Google was cutting the price of Nest Wifi. It is cutting the price of Google Wifi, the first-gen system that preceded it. 

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