Google Fiber Rolls Out New 5 Gig Plan

The 5Gbps plan is priced lower than any major provider's, but it's currently available only in select locations.

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David Anders
Google Fiber
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Google Fiber joined the growing number of 5Gbps internet service providers Tuesday, releasing a 5 Gig plan of its own, according to a Valentine's Day post from the fiber internet provider. The plan offers symmetrical speeds (that's upload and download) of up to 5Gbps, or 5,000Mbps, for the industry-low price of $125 per month.

That's the cheapest I've seen for 5Gbps from any major provider. Similar speeds from AT&T, Frontier, or Ziply Fiber, for example, start at $180, $165 and $300 per month, respectively. The plan also comes with free rental of a Wi-Fi 6 router with up to two mesh Wi-Fi extenders, unlimited data and no contract requirements. Professional installation is also included. 

All told, Google Fiber's 5 Gig plan is arguably the best internet deal you'll find, if it's available in your area, that is. Currently, the plan is offered only in Kansas City on both sides of the Kansas/Missouri border, all Utah locations serviceable for Google Fiber, and the provider's newest location, West Des Moines, Iowa

It's unclear exactly when people in other locations can expect to be able to sign up for the new 5 Gig plan, but the post from Google Fiber says the service will roll out in other cities later this year. A Google Fiber spokesperson confirmed with CNET that testing in other cities will start shortly and that service is planned for rollout later in the year.