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Eero Labs lets you test out new Wi-Fi features in beta

Want to test out new Wi-Fi tech? Eero Labs gives you access to new features before they're released on your mesh Wi-Fi system.


Eero Labs will give you access to new mesh Wi-Fi features before they're officially released.

Josh Miller/CNET

Eero, a relatively new player in the Wi-Fi game, on Wednesday introduced Eero Labs to give its customers a chance to try out new features on its mesh Wi-Fi system before they go mainstream.

Dubbed an innovation playground for your Eero network, customers will have a peek behind the scenes of the latest Wi-Fi technology. Make sure you have the latest version of the Eero app (2.17 or higher on Android and iOS) if you want to be the first to know about new features.

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Eero was one of the first companies to bring mesh Wi-Fi into the mainstream. It released its first multiunit mesh system in 2014 to help people seamlessly expand Wi-Fi coverage in larger homes. You can buy its latest three-piece mesh system (one main router plus two Beacons) for $400.

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The first feature available in Eero Labs is Smart Queue Management (SQM), which allows devices on your Eero network to share bandwidth in a way that's fair to all connected devices. It works automatically across your entire network to decide how much bandwidth each device can use.

Eero says it will be introducing new features soon, including band-steering and DNS caching. Eero labs is disabled by default in the app, so make sure you turn it on if you want to test out new Wi-Fi features.