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Christmas Karma

If you want to shop online for a socially responsible gift, try something new called Karma Currency, Australia's first charity gift voucher.

Karma Currency

We've been busy promoting tech-related presents in our Christmas Gift Guide, but if you want to shop online for a more socially responsible gift, you might want to try something new called Karma Currency, which is being billed as Australia's first charity gift voucher.

After visiting the web site to make a donation, you will be issued with a tax deductible karma currency charity gift voucher which can be printed out or sent by email or post your intended giftee. The recipient then returns to the Karma Currency web site to "redeem" the voucher or designate their charity of choice for the donation.

There are literally over 100 Australian charities to choose from, including World Vision, Care Australia, Plan, ACF, Seeing Eye Dogs and Sids and Kids. The charities are listed by category, and organisations assisting everything from children, animals, medical research, the environment, the elderly, disabled, refugees and arts groups are all represented.

Gift givers are charged a processing fee of AU$4.95, so 100 percent of the value of the gift voucher reaches the selected charity. To ensure that monies are passed on, gift givers must choose a 'default' charity where money will be directed if the voucher is not redeemed within a 12 month period.

Further information can be found on the web site