Intel catch-up game overlooked

AMD Corporate Vice President Marty Seyer responds to Charlie Cooper's column. Seyer says Cooper overlooked Intel's continued catch-up game.

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In response to the Perspectives column written by Charlie Cooper, "":

In his recent article, "Intel changes the subject," Charlie Cooper does a good job highlighting our recent challenge to Intel, as well as acknowledging the strength of our AMD64 designs. However, we feel it's important to comment on his summary observation at the end of the article, "AMD needs to go all out in coming weeks to disabuse the notion that the speed race is over and the power race has begun--or else come up with a technology response before Intel ships its next generation of products."

Cooper seems to be overlooking the fact that our competitor is still playing catch-up and responding to next-generation AMD64 dual-core technology. The AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture has been delivering the industry's best performance-per-watt for more than two years, forcing our competitor to fall back on promises instead of giving customers more power-efficient solutions today when they need them most.

Also, AMD abandoned the notion of the speed race back in 2001 when we shifted to marketing our processors by model numbers and true performance, not frequency. That's just one of the many areas our competitor has chosen to follow our lead. The one area they still have a hard time following us in is delivering technologies that truly meet customer needs, otherwise they would have known that customers want thermals to go down or stay the same when shifting to dual-core, not go up.

However, we feel it's time to cut through the noise and, as Cooper astutely points out, help "IT managers whose job it is to choose the best products for their company." This is why we have extended an invitation to Intel to challenge our dual-core leadership in our proposed "dual-core duel." We want to give customers the information they need to make their decisions on which dual-core processor meets their performance AND thermal needs. For more information on the dual-core duel, people can visit www.amd.com/duel.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for our competitor's official response. Thus far all we have heard is, "they will let the marketplace decide." If the latest x86 server market share numbers are any indication, the marketplace is responding--with increased adoption of AMD Opteron processor-based systems, many of which are dual-core.

We hope to hear an official response soon that our competitor will accept our challenge, but regardless, we will continue to deliver the combination of customer-centric innovation and execution that customers demand today as well as tomorrow.

Marty Seyer
Corporate Vice President, Commercial Business and Performance