Tesla vs. SunPower: Which Major Solar Company Is Best?

Two of the biggest players in the solar game face off, with industry-leading solar panels versus prices that almost can't be beat.

Row houses with rooftop solar panels.

Solar panels are installed by dozens of different companies.

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Two of the biggest names in the solar world, Tesla and SunPower, are both worth a close look if you're considering a new solar system. Tesla seems to make headlines all the time, largely for its electric car business and its, er, colorful CEO, but it is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to residential solar as well. 

Meanwhile, SunPower is more quietly one of the largest solar installers in the country, bringing the cutting edge of solar technology to the residential market. 

Strangely, SunPower's premium panels and warranties make it something like the Tesla Roadster of solar installers. You might pay a little more for its top-of-the-line product, but you'll almost certainly get more out of the ride. Tesla's solar offerings, on the other hand, offer value that's hard to beat, but we hear it might come at the cost of some potential added headaches. 

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SunPower overview

If you're looking to squeeze the maximum amount of energy out of your solar panels, SunPower is one of, if not the best option on the market at the moment. This is due in large part to the industry-leading efficiency of the company's solar modules from sister brand Maxeon that achieve 22.8% conversion rates. It's hard to do better in the residential market in 2023. 

Maxeon also goes a step farther with its warranties that guarantee those panels will continue to produce at least 92% of that original efficiency for 25 years. That's also an industry-leading promise -- most other installers promise around 85% of original production for the same period.

Solar panels on a wooden house.

A SunPower installation.


SunPower operates nationwide and has also begun offering a wider selection of modules made in the USA by Qcells. The company relies on its in-house branded SunVault line for batteries and Enphase inverters. The company's track record isn't perfect, but it's hard to find an unblemished solar company in this crowded and competitive market. SunPower's reputation and rankings are nearer to the top among national solar companies than the bottom.

Tesla overview

Tesla's name recognition makes it a popular choice for solar nationwide, and it also offers some of the best value, with relatively low prices and a price match guarantee. However, paying less for panels could come at the expense of customer service, where the company has a less-than-stellar reputation. To be fair, individual experiences vary widely and online reviews aren't the best source of information. There are plenty of satisfied Tesla customers out there as well. 

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Tesla also offers some unique products, like its Powerwall storage system and a solar roof made up of proprietary solar tiles. By most accounts, Tesla offers quality equipment for the best prices around, with warranties that are in line with industry standards. 

Tesla solar panels on a house.

A Tesla solar installation.


If anything goes wrong though, you might be in for more of a headache than with other companies. Tesla's lack of a broad selection of equipment might also be considered a knock on the company for the more discerning energy aficionado.

SunPower vs. Tesla at a glance

At a glance, SunPower offers top-of-the-line equipment and warranties, but Tesla's offerings certainly aren't that far behind, and plenty of consumers will place a premium on the popular company's price match policy.

Price match NoYes
Panels offered Maxeon with industry-leading efficiency, less expensive and efficient modules from QcellsSleek-looking, slightly less efficient Tesla panels, solar tiles
Batteries offered SunVault in four sizes: 13, 19.5, 26 and 39 kilowatt hours13.5 kilowatt-hour Powerwall, which can be stacked
Panel max. efficiency 22.80%20.90%
Warranty length 92% panel production for 25 years; 86% panel production for 25 years (Qcells); 70% charge for 10 years for batteries; 12 years for roof penetrations, 25 years for other equipment85% panel production for 25 years; 70% charge for 10 years for Powerwalls; 10 years for roof and workmanship
Number of states available 5050

The bottom line

If you're the type of person looking to get the most out of your solar system for as long as possible, and you're willing to pay a little extra for that privilege, SunPower makes a strong case for itself with its efficient modules and strong warranties. 

But if you're looking for value backed by a company that is a force in multiple industries, not to mention pop culture, Tesla is worth a close look. The average consumer isn't likely to notice a huge difference in performance between systems, and Tesla's panels and Powerwalls arguably look a little cooler, if that matters to you. 

We've outlined our concerns about customer service with Tesla, but the evidence for this is largely anecdotal. Be sure to do your own research and due diligence and ask around about both companies. Always get multiple quotes from local installers before signing any contracts.

How we evaluate solar companies

CNET does not directly review any of the equipment mentioned here, nor do we go through the ordering or installation process with either of the companies. The reality is that homeowners' situations are so unique, even if we did have panels installed, it would only capture a tiny fraction of the many variations of experiences with the solar industry. 

Instead we rely on our knowledge of the industry, in-depth conversations with company representatives and our own research to evaluate companies. (Tesla doesn't operate a press office, so our review of it is based on information available on its website.) We do so with a particular emphasis on three categories: equipment, warranties and service.

Here's a more detailed look into our process.

Tesla vs. SunPower FAQs

Which is better, Tesla or SunPower?

Each company has its own strengths. Tesla has a strong national brand and price match guarantee on its equipment that's generally considered high quality. SunPower offers efficient panels and warranties that are among the best in the industry. SunPower may be more expensive, but Tesla's value may come at the expense of customer service. 

Does SunPower use Tesla products?

At the moment we're unaware of SunPower offering any Tesla equipment.

What's the best solar company?

Each consumer has their own needs that may be ideally filled by different companies. That said, we've reviewed and scored numerous solar companies here.

Is SunPower a good solar system?

SunPower offers some of the most efficient solar panels available in the residential market, which can be married with its SunVault line of batteries. Both are well regarded in general.

Updated Oct. 5, 2023 6:00 a.m. PT

Written by  Eric Mack
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