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New $20 Wyze Solar Panel boosts the Wyze Cam Outdoor's battery life

Keep your Wyze Cam Outdoor running longer with Wyze's solar panel accessory. That's the idea, at least.


Pair a Wyze Solar Panel with the Wyze Cam Outdoor to extend the battery life of your camera.


Smart home company Wyze is back with two new products -- the Wyze Solar Panel and the Wyze Lamp Socket. Both devices are designed to be used as accessories with specific Wyze security cameras. The $20 Solar Panel pairs with the Wyze Cam Outdoor and the $10 Wyze Lamp Socket pairs with the Wyze Cam v3

Wyze has quickly become a major player in the smart home space, offering everything from thermostats and home security accessories to robot vacuums, lighting products, sprinkler controllers, smart plugs and beyond. We've been particularly impressed by some of its lighting and security products, giving the Wyze Bulb and the Wyze Cam v3 Editors' Choice awards

The Wyze Solar Panel works exclusively with the Wyze Cam Outdoor, a battery-powered, weather-resistant home security camera. The Solar Panel comes with a mount for installation and has a 13-foot weatherproof Micro-USB cable. Connect the Solar Panel to the Wyze Cam Outdoor and, depending on the weather, you should have continuous power going to your Wyze security camera. 


One Wyze Lamp Socket costs $10.


Wyze's Lamp Socket is outfitted with a charging port specifically designed for the Wyze Cam v3. Screw the Lamp Socket into your outdoor light fixture of choice, then add your regular light bulb and connect the Wyze Cam v3. According to Wyze, this will both power your Wyze camera and give your light smart integrations in the Wyze app. Turn your light on and off from the app, set your light to turn on whenever your Wyze Cam v3 detects motion and more. You can also sync up to five Lamp Sockets if you have multiple lights. In addition to the $10 standalone Lamp Socket accessory, Wyze is also selling a $46 kit that includes one Lamp Socket and one Wyze Cam v3.  

Both the Wyze Solar Panel and the Wyze Lamp Socket are available for preorder now; the Solar Panel starts shipping in November and the Lamp Socket follows in December. Learn more at Wyze's website.

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