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Nanoleaf Lines let you sculpt with light

Make one-of-a-kind designs with Nanoleaf's new LED bars.

Make music notes, constellations, random shapes -- it's entirely up to you.

First came the Nanoleaf Aurora, then the Nanoleaf Canvas, Nanoleaf Hexagons and Nanoleaf Elements -- and, now, Nanoleaf Lines. Every iteration of the specialty smart lighting company's LED wall panels adds something new. Nanoleaf Lines, as you might expect, transforms the brand's classic light panels into lines; color-changing, back-lit LED bars you can design however you want. 

Nanoleaf Lines are available for preorder starting Thursday. The Smarter Kit costs $200 for nine LED bars. The $80 Expansion Pack includes three additional lights.

Like Nanoleaf's other wall lights, Lines are Wi-Fi-enabled and work with the Nanoleaf app and the included remote. They're also compatible with HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa in case you want to use your smart speaker and voice commands to adjust your lights. 

Your purchase includes everything you need to install and set up Nanoleaf Lines. And, if it's anything like Nanoleaf Elements, the lights will easily connect to the wall with a strong adhesive panel and connect to one another via a simple modular design.

The lights are back-lit and color-changing -- and each light has two color zones so you can display more than one color on a single LED bar at the same time. There are 19 existing color scenes to choose from, but you can also make your own. Lines integrate with music, movies and games, too, so you can sync your lights to whatever you're doing.

Optional faceplates in black and pink will be sold separately starting in December if you want to change the look of your lights. Pricing for the faceplates has not yet been announced. 

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