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Lutron's new Caseta smart switch controls dumb ceiling fans at CES 2019

Want to automate your ceiling fans alongside your Lutron-enhanced lights? At CES 2019, you're in luck.

Behold, a smart switch for your dumb fans.

Lutron is a major player in the lighting aisle, and in the smart home too, thanks to the well-reviewed Caseta lineup of smart switches. Now, at CES 2019, the brand is adding a new Caseta switch to the mix -- one that can control your ceiling fans.

The Caseta by Lutron Fan Speed Control is coming this March for a suggested retail price of $80, which converts to about £60 or AU$110. The switch requires a neutral wire and is designed for 1.5A ceiling fans. Each switch supports four fan speeds (you can save one as a favorite) and you can control or automate all of it remotely alongside your other Lutron gear in the Caseta app.

Aside from a few fan-specific icons on the switch itself, the fan control has the exact same design as Lutron's existing Caseta light switches, helping you keep a consistent look throughout your home. Like those switches, it's available in white, black, ivory and light almond. You'll also be able to pair it with a new, fan-specific version of Lutron's wireless Pico remote, which you can dock into place in your wall or take with you as a portable remote. That accessory will retail for $42.

The switch communicates with the Lutron Bridge using the same proprietary Lutron ClearConnect wireless protocol as Lutron's light switches. That's a good thing -- ClearConnect has long been a speedy, reliable performer in our tests at the CNET Smart Home, enough so for us to give Lutron's Caseta switches an Editors' Choice distinction and a place on our list of the best smart home gadgets you can buy. Lutron's actually on that list twice -- we like the company's (admittedly expensive) Serena smart shades, too.

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