Jackery Wants You to Take Its New Solar Generator 2000 Pro Power Station Camping

The Solar Generator 2000 Pro from Jackery comes with six solar panels.

Grilling by a mountain lake powered by a Jackery solar generator

This solar generator costs $6,199.


Generator company Jackery on Tuesday introduced the Solar Generator 2000 Pro. This battery- and solar-powered portable power station comes bundled with six of Jackery's SolarSaga 200W solar panels. The Solar Generator 2000 Pro costs $6,199 and will be available beginning May 12 at Jackery, Home Depot, Amazon and other large retailers. 

Jackery sells a variety of solar generators, portable power stations and related accessories. Its Jackery Explorer 1000 is our current favorite power station due to its impressive performance and compact design (while also having plenty of charging ports). 

We haven't tested a Jackery solar generator yet, but the Solar Generator 2000 Pro takes the components of a portable power station and combines them with Jackery's foldable solar panels. As an avid camper, I can't imagine slinging six solar panels at 18.3 pounds each plus the 43-pound 2000 Pro along on a typical trip where I want to pack light to have the option to move camp quickly and easily. 

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That said, this product isn't really designed for the backcountry. Instead, the 2000 Pro could be good for folks traveling by RV or camper van -- or anyone planning to stay put in one spot for awhile. Want to use a laptop or a coffee maker at your campsite? This device is designed to handle those small electronic gadgets and appliances with ease.

The Solar Generator 2000 Pro has three AC outlets, one DC outlet, two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports and has a new foldable handle design. Jackery says it has a 2,160 watt-hour capacity, 2,200 watts of AC power and 4,400 watts of peak surge power. Each solar panel has a 200-watt output for a total of 1,200 watts. 

Jackery says the panels are supposed to be up and running in "just 2 minutes," so it might end up being more portable than I expect, but we'll have to test it out for ourselves to see what it's like in practice. 

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Article updated on May 10, 2022 at 8:00 AM PDT

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