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Light the way with this LED dandelion

Assembled in the Netherlands, the "Dandelight" glues dandelion seeds onto a battery-powered LED lamp.

Studio Drift

There are plenty of boring ways to light up a room, but if you're looking for something a bit more whimsical, you might consider the Dandelight. With a single light-emitting diode perched atop a copper stem that seems to grow right out of the 9V battery powering it, the Dandelight is built to resemble a dandelion -- it even has real dandelion seeds glued around the tip.

The Dandelight is the product of Studio Drift, a Dutch design team with a focus on marrying nature and technology. Each Dandelight is made by hand, meaning that no two are exactly alike.

A single-diode light source isn't going to be powerful enough to light up a whole room, but as an accent light or nightlight, the Dandelight seems up to the task. Assemble your own little meadow of the things for an even more surreal effect.

The Dandelight ships worldwide, and sells online for €115 each. Converted roughly, that's about $120 in the US, ₤80 in the UK, or AU$160 in Australia, though you'll need to tack on an additional €10 for shipping. A glass display dome is also available, and sold separately.