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Dear Scott: Stop whining!

A News.com reader vents about his newfound contempt for Sun Microsystems.

Dear Scott: Stop whining!

In response to the Aug. 22 column by Scott McNealy, "The masters of spin are at it again:"

I cannot begin to describe the amount of contempt I have for Sun Microsystems since the company started whining about Microsoft's decision not to bundle the Java virtual machine in Windows XP. Every ad you take out, every simpering article you write, makes my stomach turn one more time. You can be sure of one thing: I am abandoning Java, not because it is or will be harder to get, but because I have such low regard for your company now, that I just can't bring myself to support you in any way.

When you sued Microsoft, you dug your own grave...Now lie in it. Distribute your own damned software, ya big bunch of babies.

And please, please quit your whining.

Geoff Witterick