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Chutzpah indeed

A News.com reader says it isn't surprising that in light of Compaq's recent moves, AMD has become the "numero uno" for power-hungry customers.

Chutzpah indeed

In response to the Aug. 15 column by the Strategos analysts, "Compaq's corporate chutzpah":

Very rightly so.

I'm not an analyst, but I also thought "what the hell" when I heard about the "deal" to "transfer" Alpha to Intel. Talk goes that most people who had the potential and creativity to develop the next-generation processors have long since left the sinking ship and defected to AMD.

Isn't it surprising how AMD, once the el-cheapo maker of second-choice CPUs, has transformed into the numero uno for several significant, power-hungry customer-types (gamers, researchers, media)?

If I was a current Compaq customer, with any significant investment in Alpha CPUs, I'd be relatively pissed off by this decision.

No wonder Sun has kept growing year after year, with its Unix opponents' strategies like this.

Rainer Duffner
Freising, Germany