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Brighten your Zoom calls with this $45 ring light (save 36%)

Get the ultimate ring light for all your streamer and content creator needs.


Ring lights are the way to go if you want quality lighting when you're online. While we know business professionals use ring lights for conferences and meetings, they've also become essential for popular streamers and content creators -- from makeup to gaming. A quality ring light can enhance the brightness of a room, and set the mood based on color temperature. Something like this can improve your content tenfold and make you more polished. 

If you've been thinking about getting a ring light to take your visuals to the next level, then the Tonor 12-inch ring light on Amazon is now $50, down from $70. But if you check off the box for a coupon, you'll save an additional 10% on the ring light at checkout. That makes your final pretax price $45 -- a savings of about 36%.

What's so great about this ring light? Lighting your room and highlighting your face is a given, and you can do that using its three color modes -- warm, nature and cold -- and you can cycle through its 10 brightness levels to find the right lighting for you. When you're streaming live on Instagram or hosting a Twitch chat stream, this ring light can hold your Apple or Android phone effortlessly. And when you're ready to take a picture or record a new video, the remote Bluetooth shutter can help you do that with a click of a button.