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Beware e-tax pushers

A News.com reader writes that like many other Americans, he already believes he's taxed enough.

Beware e-tax pushers

In response to the Nov. 29 column by Gov. Michael Leavitt, "Leading the charge on Internet taxation":

To those who think there should be an e-commerce sales tax levied by the states, may I just say that for 99 percent of my purchases made online I already pay my state sales tax. Added to that are shipping and miscellaneous charges. To the governor of Utah, yes, it is almost impossible to collect taxes on e-commerce. How are you going to collect a state sales tax on items purchased on overseas Web sites?

As many Americans already feel, we are taxed enough. And if you try to impose taxes on purchases made at overseas sites you will in the long run hurt e-commerce. Be careful lest ye tread on thin ice. Remember: Mr. & Mrs. Average American can always vote the e-tax pushers out of office, regardless of party affiliation.

Mike Chrosniak
San Augustine, Texas