All Amazon Echo wake words that aren't Alexa -- and what they do

Amazon expanded its list of phrases for addressing its voice assistant. Here's what you can use if you're bored with "Alexa."

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What do you call your Amazon Echo?

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If you're over your TV always jumpstarting your Amazon Echo when it says "Alexa" or another similar word ("Pyrexa?"), there's good news: You can change it. This year, Amazon has increased its Echo wake words by two: Ziggy and Hey, Disney, which Amazon announced at its big event on Sept. 28.

While the newest wake words can change your Amazon Echo's voice, "Hey, Disney" offers more than just a new way to talk to your smart speaker. In fact, it's actually a new voice assistant with its own personality -- I'll explain more below.

Keep reading to see all the current wake words for your Amazon Echo as well as the different personas it can have. And when you're ready to change what you call your smart speaker, just say, "Alexa, change my wake word."

The newest addition: Hey, Disney

Hey, Disney is a new voice assistant (similar to the celebrity voice options below) that unlocks interactive entertainment with Disney characters from Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars. It'll come with games, bedtime stories, jokes and Disney-themed singalongs.

It's not a replacement for Alexa and wake words alike. For example, Hey, Disney can't control smart home devices or add things to your shopping list. But it can tell you the time, weather and set alarms, among other things, in Disney character voices. 

It'll be available next year to buy as an add-on for your Echo speaker. Guests at the Walt Disney World Hotel will also have access to Hey, Disney in 2022.

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Added earlier this year: Ziggy

Ziggy, announced in July, came with the option to have a deep-sounding voice for your Amazon Echo. It has all the same features as Alexa and can actually still be called Alexa, Echo, Amazon or Computer. You can even change the name of your smart speaker to Ziggy without changing the voice.

The originals: Echo, Amazon, Computer

Over the years, you may have interchanged your smart speaker's wake word with the other three options: Echo, Amazon and Computer. These names react in the exact same way as the Alexa wake word, but make it harder to accidentally wake up your Echo device.

In the past, I compared each of these wake words to see which activated the least amount of times to false wake words, and Computer won. Although in another test, I'd imagine Ziggy would be hard to beat.

Celebrity voice options work differently

While there are celebrity voice options you can buy as an add-on to your Echo speaker, they don't come equipped with all of the Alexa features. Aside from Disney characters, your smart speaker can sound like Samuel L. Jackson, Melissa McCarthy and Shaquille O'Neal, with customized responses.

Again, you're limited to what you can ask the celebrity options and you still have to ask Alexa to ask those celebrities questions. For example, you might say something like "Alexa, enable Melissa" to get started, or "Alexa, ask Samuel to give me advice."

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What about Hi, Verizon?

If you were hoping to call your Amazon Echo speaker 'Verizon,' you won't be able to at this time. That option is limited to those who purchase the Verizon Smart Display, an Alexa-powered device that was announced in July. The device will also power up to 'Alexa,' and CNET Senior Editor Eli Blumenthal notes that it's not yet clear what saying "Hi, Verizon" will do besides show you your bill.

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