You Can Now Follow the Voice of Ahsoka Tano in Guided Meditations

Join voice actor Ashley Eckstein for a series of meditation videos aimed at younglings.

Russell Holly
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Russell Holly

Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ashoka Tano, delivering a guided meditation as part of a new series. 

Katie Aiani

One of the most important things in trying out a guided meditation is having your guide be someone who can keep you focused and engaged. So when the idea arose for a Star Wars-themed meditation for kids, there was really only one name best suited for the task. Ashley Eckstein, voice behind the animated face of the immeasurably popular Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, has brought smiles to all our faces for over a decade, and now you can join her in a new guided meditation series dubbed Star Wars: Mindful Matters.

Currently two episodes long, with plans for many more, Star Wars: Mindful Matters is a collaboration between Eckstein, Citrone 33 and Lucasfilm to encourage kids and adults alike to explore themed meditative sessions. Two episodes available now, Feel the Force and Breathe, Just Breathe, each include scenes from across the Star Wars franchise narrated by Eckstein, who also demonstrates ideal sitting positions and techniques to help you in your journey. According to Eckstein, Each video is clinically based, with evidence-informed educational resources provided by nonprofit On Our Sleeves: The Movement for Children's Mental Health

You can check out the first two episodes of Star Wars: Mindful Matters at the Star Wars Kids website, with more episodes slated for release soon. 

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