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Where to get a COVID-19 vaccine: Target, Walmart, NFL stadiums, Disneyland, more

More than 41 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in the US. If you're planning to get a shot, it's important to know where to go.

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COVID-19 vaccines will be available at Walgreen's, CVS and other health facilities.

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For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

Roughly 41.2 million Americans have been vaccinated since approval in December (here's how to track how many have been administered in your state). And if you're waiting in line to get the COVID-19 vaccine, like millions of other Americans, you'll need to know where to get your shot. Depending on where you live -- and even which facility you go to -- you could receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. 

On Jan. 21, President Joe Biden signed executive orders to ramp up COVID-19 vaccine delivery and get as many people vaccinated as possible -- he's hoping to see 100 million vaccinations in the first 100 days of his presidency. On Jan. 25, Biden said he expects that anyone who wants to get the vaccine will be able to do so by this spring. He intends to use high school gyms and NFL stadiums as vaccination sites in order to speed up the vaccination process -- the NFL commissioner is offering all 30 stadiums for vaccine distribution

If you're ready to get a COVID-19 vaccine, you'll want to call your health insurance provider for the best options to make sure you're fully covered, as some venues could charge an administration fee. Also note that smaller hospitals may receive a smaller number of COVID-19 vaccines at this time, with larger health facilities that have the most coronavirus patients expected to get a larger majority to start.

Note that prioritization and organization of who gets a vaccine are being handled on the state level and, in many cases, on the county level. Some counties and hospitals are encouraging people to get vaccinated wherever they can, rather than waiting for their primary care facility. Each state will need to approve hundreds of thousands of proposed vaccine distribution sites, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Here's where you can get the COVID-19 vaccine when it's your turn.

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Where will I be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine when I'm ready?

Now that coronavirus doses have been released, you may have your choice of providers when you receive your inoculation. All of that will depend on which vaccine brand or type is available near where you live. You may have fewer choices if you're in one of the first groups to receive the immunization. More options may be ready by the time there are enough vaccine doses for people in later groups. 

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Again, the facilities that are able to offer the vaccine will need to get their protocols up and running, gain approval to officially distribute the vaccination and receive enough doses to treat members of the local population. Here's a running list of places that will be offering the COVID-19 vaccine, with links to more information. 

For more information on the coronavirus vaccine, here's why you should wear a mask even after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Also, here's who will get the COVID-19 vaccine next and all the different types of COVID-19 vaccines that people could get.

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