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Snag a touchless forehead thermometer for $11 (Update: Sold out)

It may not be cold and flu season now, but it will be. It will be.


I'm not sure I need to muse for long on the benefits of having a quick and reliable thermometer on hand. While more people are vaccinated from COVID-19 than ever and cold and flu season seems eons away, it will return (cold and flu season, that is). It's helpful to know when body temp is in good order and when it's not. For that, you can snag the Anmeate touchless forehead thermometer for just $11 right now. It's an Amazon's Choice product, which means the reviews are consistently positive, and it's $6 off with free shipping.

The touchless thermometer is great to use on family but also for monitoring events or larger gatherings since you won't have to sterilize it between uses. It has an internal memory that can store up to 40 sets of data readings and keep track of the historical temperature changes for you and your family members -- or if you're just a numbers nerd like that. So be ready for whatever 2021 has in store and grab this thermometer deal while it's live. 

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