The most innovative fitness tech of CES 2020

Kick off 2020 with some smart gadgets to help you get fit.

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The Amazfit HomeStudio treadmill has a large mirrored display with classes.


Smart fitness tech is heating up, with new devices, accessories and machines on display at this year's CES trade show in Las Vegas. We're on the ground searching the show floor for the most innovative exercise tech and listing the highlights right here. We'll be adding new things as the show goes on, so check back regularly.

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Amazfit HomeStudio

Huami and Studio teamed up on a new smart treadmill -- the Amazfit HomeStudio. This connected treadmill has a 43-inch screen and JBL speakers designed to immerse you in your workout. 

Computer vision technology built into the machine is supposed to keep an eye on your form and offer tips on your running. But the screen offers additional classes, too, from yoga to sculpting. 

Pricing and availability has not yet been announced, but I'll update this post as soon as I know more. 

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Asics Evoride

Asics introduced a new shoe at CES 2020 -- the Evoride. The Evoride will be available to buy on February 7 and is supposed to help reduce lower leg movement, in theory saving you energy while you run. 

Asics gave me the chance to try on the Evoride, as well as two other shoes -- the Metaride and the Guidesole (both already released) -- and try out their Running Analyzer. The Running Analyzer involves running on a treadmill, wearing each of the three shoes, while a camera analyzes your movements. The Running Analyzer app assess your run to help you learn more about how you run and how you can improve your form (and of course also to determine which of the Asics shoes are best for you). 

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Ergatta Digital Rower

Connected rowing machines are becoming increasingly popular. We've already reviewed Hydrow, a smart rower with an integrated screen. Now startup Ergatta -- a take on ergometer (another word for indoor rowing machine) and regatta (a boat race) -- is introducing its own smart rower. Ergatta says its rower has a "game-based platform" that lets you compete against yourself or other Digital Rower users. 

The Ergatta Digital Rower will start shipping in March and sell for $1,999.


Livall BH51M Neo Helmet

The BH51M Neo Helmet by Livall is making its US debut at CES 2020. Available for $169, this smart helmet has a whole bunch of integrated tech. Sensors in the helmet detect acceleration and deceleration, turning on the helmet's built-in front lights and taillights as needed. The helmet is also supposed to turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity and sounds an alarm if the helmet and your phone are connected but more than 50 feet from each other.

The Livall BH51M Neo Helmet is also designed to sense a fall and will automatically send your location (via GPS) to your emergency contacts. 

Myx Fitness

Myx Fitness Star Trac Stationary Bike Trainer

Myx Fitness introduced a stationary bike at CES 2020 with an integrated display like the Peloton. But Myx Fitness has a different approach -- training based on the users heart rate zone. In addition to cycling classes, Myx Fitness also offers dance, yoga, high intensity interval training and more. 

In addition to the bike and the 21.5-inch display, your $1,199 purchase also includes a Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor. The $1,499 Myx Plus package adds on three sets of dumbells, a kettlebell, a resistance band, a foam roller and two workout mats. 

The class subscription costs $29 a month. 

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Nurvv Run Insoles

Nurvv Run has a goal -- to help you run faster and to reduce your chance of injury. The new Nurvv Run Insoles (and related Nurvv Run app) are supposed to help with that.

32 sensors built into the insoles are supposed to take measurements 1,000 times per second (per sensor). That data gives you information about how you run, from your cadence and step length to your balance and more. The Nurvv Run app takes that information and gives you suggestions on how to improve your running technique.

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