Use This New Sleep Device to Fall Asleep Tonight

Sleep tech without harmful blue light to help you sleep.

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Caroline Igo
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Recently, meditation has become a popular way to fall asleep. Listening to a guided or mindful meditation has been shown to positively affect sleep quality in those who suffer from sleep disturbance. While there are a lot of mediation apps and devices out there, most of them rely on a screen and Wi-Fi to work. You shouldn't bring your smartphone or any other blue-light-emitting device into your bed since it can make it harder for you to fall asleep.

Enter Morphée -- a completely offline, non-digital sleep device with programmed meditations. I tested a Morphée device, and you should, too. Here's what I found. 

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Morphée sleep aid

Morphée is an all-inclusive meditation device curated by sleep professionals. Users can easily follow each guided meditation session, and it is deliberately low-tech (no Wi-Fi, no blue light and no screen) so there's no disturbance in your sleep.

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No blue light

What really makes Morphée stand out is how simple it is. It fits in the palm of my hand and only has three major keys and five buttons. Turn one key to choose your theme, turn the second key to choose a session and turn the last to determine how long you want your session to last. There is no screen, therefore, no blue light that could mess with your circadian rhythm and keep you awake.   

Listen to guided meditations 

Morphée offers meditation, hypnosis and breathing techniques. Before selecting a program, you must turn the first key to a chosen theme; those eight themes include body scan, breathing, movement, visualizations, cardiac coherence, napping, relaxing music and nature sounds. And because Morphée is an unconnected device, it will turn off on its own at the end of each session (choose from 8 to 20 minutes). 

Multiple settings to choose from

Morphée offers 210 different mediation sessions, enough for a new mediation each night for over six months. You can also opt for a male or a female voice using a small switch. Each session is available in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French and Italian. Can't speak French? No problem. The meditations are even relaxing in a foreign language.   

Costs about the same as Headspace

The Morphée sleep aid costs $99, which we know isn't practical for the average sleeper. However, it is about the same amount as a yearly subscription from Headspace, a popular meditation-based app. We think Morphée is a good alternative to Headspace, because there is no screen attached. You wouldn't have to bring your phone into your bed, which is a bad habit. Morphée even offers a 100-night trial and fast shipping.

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