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These premium cool and silky sheets we love are still on sale for Cyber Monday

Impossibly soft, but still cool for hot sleepers, we can't recommend these sheets enough.


I thought percale sheets were the ticket to terrific sleep. Turns out, I could do better.

James Martin/CNET

Ever wanted to sleep in a cloud? These soft, satiny eucalyptus lyocell sheets from Sheets & Giggles are the closest I've come, and that includes nights snoring into bedlinens from high-end hotels. My favorite sheets also happen to be 20% off on a Cyber Monday sale ($120 for a full queen set, down from $150) and my friend -- who bought a pair after I first wrote about them -- scrounged around the internet and discovered an additional $28 coupon to boot.

In the past few years, I've made it my mission to level up my bedding. What's obvious to me now is that the bedsheets I sleep in may have as much bearing on a restful night -- and subsequent crankiness -- as my mattress choicepillow firmness and comforter weight. It took me four tries to land the best sheets I've ever had, and now I'm so awash in luxury, it's a struggle to get out of bed.

Premium sheets are a financial investment, discount or not. Unlike Beats earbuds, Ninja air fryers and our other top Cyber Monday finds, high-end bedding tends to be off the beaten path. However, after sleeping in these satiny, ultrasoft sheets for three months, I'm convinced they're a gift that keeps on giving.

There are a lot of sheets in this lyocell and Tencel eucalyptus material, and this is the only brand I've tried. My colleagues also enjoy bamboo sheets, which I haven't experimented with. But I have purchased three highly-rated percale sheets, and this Sheets & Giggles selection is by far my favorite. 

Sheets & Giggles recently introduced subtle white, blue and gray striped designs, in addition to eight solid light and dark colors.


Linens are a big deal when it comes to how well you sleep, and how good you feel when you wake up.

James Martin/CNET

Sheets & Giggles lyocell sheets versus cool-touch percale

As a person with variable nighttime temperature -- now I'm cold, now I'm hot, now I'm cold -- I first encountered the category of Tencel-lyocell-eucalyptus sheets in my search for cooler bedding. 

I may never break the cycle of kicking off my bedding in the middle of the night only to gather it up under my chin hours later, but if I could find cooler-sleeping sheets that felt really nice, I figured I'd be halfway there. 

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I started my quest by searching for the best picks on cool sheets, and came up with a list of top-rated brands. Most were percale, a cotton material that promised coolness and a certain level of crispness, while also being comfortable. The first pair I bought, a 280-thread count Pima cotton percale set from L.L. Bean, was better than the generic cotton sheets I had before, but they felt unremarkable, and the light green color discolored in the wash -- that really bothered me. (If you like your sheets on the safer side, I'd suggest going with a darker color.)

I moved on to a second percale sheet set by Casper in navy blue. Although I enjoyed the cool touch and would recommend them overall, I missed a feeling of softness I expected in a premium material. I've come to realize percale has its limits there. Percale also tends to stay crinkly after a wash cycle, and I suppose I had hoped for more draping and less wrinkle for my money, though when you're snoozing it hardly matters. I also felt the Casper sheets could be more generously sized to tuck into the foot of the bed and overflow on the sides. (These sheets were tragically stained by a bad washing machine and are now hibernating in the closet as a backup set.)

My research also led me to Snowe Home (20% off sale for Black Friday), where I picked up the softest and plushest towel I've ever owned (on sale now for $24) and also splurged on a percale sheet set, which I like, that now graces the guest room. The Snowe set shares many of the same characteristics as the Casper set. I'm generally a fan of these, too, but they leave the door open for a more luxurious feel.

Sheets & Giggles' eucalyptus sheets wash clean and stay soft

When these eucalyptus-made sheets arrived, I was initially suspicious of their cooling abilities: How could something so satiny breathe? I also wondered how the sheets would hold up to inevitable tea or wine spills, grease stains from bedside snacks (no shaming!), eyeshadow I was too lazy to remove and the typical wear and tear of the wash cycle.

That was, until I slept in them the first night and all my worries melted away. These eucalyptus sheets are ultrasoft, maximally comfortable and very easy to make up the next morning. They have deep pockets that fit thick mattresses (20 inches), and ample overflow on the sides, especially lengthwise, so you can give the top sheet a good tuck at the toes. Once inside, they create a cozy cocoon that makes falling asleep and waking up more naturally pleasurable than any other sheets I've slept in -- even at fancy hotels. I also like that they're soft and supple without being slippery. They haven't once slid off the bed onto the floor like a pair of actual satin sheets I once tried.

After three months, the Sheets & Giggles set remains silky to the touch, and clean. Stains have so far washed out (ahem, my eyeshadow), though I'm being extra careful to avoid the inevitable -- they may wind up staining with enough pigment transfer. Darker sheets are everyone's best friend when it comes to unsightly spills and such, but I've noticed premium sheet companies sell mostly lighter shades for bedding and towels. I'd welcome more dark colors. I also wish the pillowcase had an envelope or zip to fully encapsulate the pillow instead of leaving an exposed edge that can push out. That's my one minor complaint so far.

The biggest difference to me has been that every other sheet I've tried felt like a utility: It's a sheet. If it isn't too rough or too hot, it's doing its job. But I actually notice these lyocell sheets from Sheets & Giggles every day when I go to bed and wake up. For once, I feel like my sheets fulfill the promise of just how restful and satisfying a good set of bedding can be.

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