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Beautyrest Mattress Review: Premium Beds From Top-Rated Industry Veteran

Beautyrest has been around a long time. The brand knows what it's doing when it comes to making a good mattress.

McKenzie Dillon Writer
McKenzie, a Certified Sleep Science Coach and proclaimed mattress expert, has been writing sleep content in the wellness space for over four years. After earning her certification from the Spencer Institute and dedicating hundreds of hours to sleep research, she has extensive knowledge on the topic and how to improve your quality of rest. Having more experience with lying on mattresses than most, McKenzie has reviewed over 150 beds and a variety of different sleep products including pillows, mattress toppers and sheets. McKenzie has also been a guest on multiple radio shows including WGN Chicago as a sleep expert and contributed sleep advice to over 50 different websites.
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McKenzie Dillon
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The Harmony mattress from beautyrest on a wooden bed frame



  • Both premium and affordable beds
  • Strong hybrid constructions
  • Free white-glove delivery and old mattress removal
  • Accommodates all body types and sleeping positions

Don't like

  • Premium beds are pricey
  • Shorter warranty and home trial than luxury bed-in-a-box brands

Beautyrest allows you to sleep comfortably, with a variety of mattresses to choose from. Its premium mattresses are high-end and high-quality beds, made to suit a variety of sleeping positions and desired firmness. These are well-designed mattresses and Beautyrest is likely to have a match for your needs.

This mattress review will give an overview of Beautyrest's different mattress collections. I'll explore features like firmness, feel, most optimal sleeping position for the beds and more. 

Explore more about Beautyrest and learn for yourself if these beds are worth the money. 

The premium Beautyrest Black mattress on a large black bed frame

The pillow top model from the Beautyrest Black collection.


First impressions 

Black Collection: The Beautyrest Black Collection is made up of two premium mattresses made with premium materials like silk, cashmere and comfortable Beautyrest foams. These are thick mattresses with pocketed coils. The Black model has a light and airy pillow top, while the Black Hybrid has a memory foam topper and cooling technology. 

Harmony Collection: The Harmony collection includes three mattresses. The Harmony is the entry-level mattress with a competitive price comparable to similar hybrid beds. Then there's the Harmony Lux and Harmony Lux Hybrid, more premium models with extra support and enhanced cooling technology. The major difference between these two is the pillow top options; quilted or memory foam. 

Pressure Smart Collection: The previous two collections are the brand's bread and butter and will be the primary focus of this Beautyrest mattress review, but the Pressure Smart Collection includes the Pressure Smart mattress. It's a cooling mattress available in two different profiles (standard and hybrid), and it retails for a very affordable price. The standard is even less expensive than popular foam mattresses like the Casper Original and the Nectar, but it's made with strong pocketed coils. 

Designer Collection: This collection is a collaboration between Beautyrest and renowned interior designer Nate Berkus. It includes a premium hybrid mattress and different bedding accessories, including a mattress protector and a luxurious down pillow. 

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Beautyrest mattress constructions

Black Collection

The inside layers of the Beautyrest Black Premiere L-Class mattress

A look at the inside of the Beautyrest Black Premiere L-Class mattress. 


Quilted Black Premier L-Class in Medium: 13.5 inches thick

  • BlackICE cover with plant-based technology
  • 1.25 inches of AirFeel Foam
  • 0.75 inch of SurfaceTouch gel memory foam
  • 1 inch of Beautyrest memory foam
  • 1 inch of GelTouch Foam 
  • Thick T3 zoned pocketed coils

Also available in Firm, Medium Pillow Top and Plush Pillow Top. Construction differs slightly based on the model you choose. 

Quilted Black Enhanced C-Class in Medium: 13.75 inches thick

  • BlackICE cover with plant-based technology
  • 0.75 inch of SurfaceTouch gel memory foam
  • 0.5 inch of Firm foam
  • 0.5 inch of Self Response latex foam
  • 1 inch comfort Layer made with alpaca, cashmere and silk fibers
  • 2 inches of GelTouch Foam
  • Thick T3 zoned pocketed coils

What stands out most is the extra inch of alpaca, cashmere of silk fibers for a more luxurious and plush feel. Also available in Firm, Plush, Medium Pillow Top and Plush Pillow Top. 

Quilted Black Exceptional K-Class in Plush Pillow Top: 16.5 inches thick

  • BlackICE cover with plant-based technology
  • 1.25 inches of AirFeel foam
  • 0.75-inch layer of SurfaceTouch gel memory foam
  • 3-inch layer of AirCool memory foam
  • 0.5-inch layer of Self Response latex foam
  • 1-inch comfort Layer made with alpaca, cashmere and silk fibers
  • Thick T3 zoned pocketed coils
  • Extra layer of 2k Nano Coils

The main difference between the K-Class model and the others is its layer of microcoils for additional support and extra memory foam -- also available in Firm Pillow Top. 

The Beautyrest Black Hybrid models use many of the same materials as the quilted black collection, but its T3 pocketed coil systems are slightly more advanced and include a memory foam top for a more nestling, hugging feel. There are no pillow top options here – your topper is memory foam! 

Harmony Collection 

The inside layers of the Harmony Cayman mattress from Beautyrest

The construction of Beautyrest's Harmony Cayman mattress in Plush. 


Beautyrest Harmony Cayman Plush: 13.5 inches thick

  • NaturalCool cover
  • 1.25 inch of AirFeel Foam
  • 1 inch of AirCool Foam
  • 0.5 inch of Beautyrest's Charcoal memory foam
  • 1 inch soft comfort foam
  • T1 Pocketed coil system

This is the brand's most affordable, entry-level mattress. It's also available in an Extra-Firm profile. 

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Medium: 13.75 inches thick

  • InfiniCool Lux cover
  • 1.25 inch of AirFeel Foam
  • 1 inch of RightTemp Wave Foam
  • 0.5 inch of Beautyrest gel memory foam
  • 1.5 inch of medium-firmness comfort foam
  • T2 pocketed coil system

The main difference between this and the base Harmony Beautyrest mattress is the Lux model has an upgraded pocketed coil system and enhanced cooling technology. 

More firmness options are available, and you can also upgrade to the Diamond model. It's similar to the Carbon model, but it has advanced cooling technology and increased pressure relief. 

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Hybrid Empress Firm: 13.5 inches thick

  • InfiniCool Plus cooling cover
  • 2-inch layer of Beautyrest gel memory foam
  • 2-inch medium-firmness comfort foam layer
  • T2 pocketed coil system

This is the model to choose if you're looking for a prominent memory foam feel. Rather than a quilted top, the main comfort layer is hugging, contouring memory foam. It's also on the firm end of the spectrum, making it best for back and stomach sleepers. 

Beautyrest mattress feel and firmness levels 

How firm are the Beautyrest mattresses? 

Beautyrest mattresses come in a range of firmness levels, from plush to firm, and with or without a pillow top. 

  • Ultra Plush Beautyrest mattress models will primarily be for side sleepers or petite folks who need the softest of the soft. It's rated around a 1-2 on the firmness scale out of 10. 
  • Plush Beautyrest mattress models are still on the soft end of the spectrum, around 3-4. Soft mattresses from Beautyrest will be best for side sleepers, and petite combination sleepers under 230 pounds.
  • Medium Beautyrest mattress models should fall around a five on the spectrum, accommodating all sleeping positions. 
  • Firm Beautyrest mattress models should fall around a 6-7 on the firmness scale, making them best for heavier combination sleepers over 230 pounds, back and stomach sleepers
  • Extra Firm Beautyrest mattress models are the firmest profiles you can get. I recommend this model primarily to heavy back and stomach sleepers. If you're under 230 pounds, you may find this model a little too firm. 

What does a Beautryest mattress feel like? 

The feel of your Beautyrest mattress will depend on the model you choose. Pillow-top mattresses feel more light and airy and respond quickly to pressure. 

The models within each collection with the word "Hybrid" in their name are designed with extra memory foam, giving those mattresses a prominent hugging and contouring feel. Memory foam beds feel like the top comfort layer is giving you a hug as it molds around the curves of your body. 

If you opt for a Beautyrest mattress that comes without a pillow top, you'll get more of a blended foam feel. You get the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam, but it's also more responsive to pressure than traditional foam. 

beautyrest black

Beautyrest mattress performance 

Motion isolation

Beautyrest mattresses are all premium beds and will be good at isolating motion across the mattress. The best ones will be the Beautyrest Hybrid models, like Beautyrest Black Hybrid, because they have memory foam top layers that are notoriously good at absorbing motion.

Edge support

The perimeter of your mattress should be sturdy enough to make you feel supported while you're lying or sitting on it. The Beautyrest mattresses are made with steel pocketed coils, making the beds sufficiently supportive all the way around. 


Hybrid mattresses that utilize both foam and steel coils tend to be more durable and last around eight to 12 years, depending on how well you take care of your mattress. You can expect the shelf life of a Beautyrest mattress to fall within that range thanks to its durable, supportive constructions.


All Beautyrest mattresses are hand-delivered to you via white glove delivery. There's no unboxing or unrolling needed like bed-in-a-box mattresses. This means your mattress will not omit an off-gassing smell when you receive it. This is one perk of buying from a luxury brand, as they typically offer a white glove delivery service. 

Who should sleep on a beautyrest mattress?


best mattress for side sleepers graphic showing shoulder and hip pressure points

Soft beds are typically best for side sleepers because they provide more contour underneath shoulder and hip pressure points. 


Side sleepers should opt for Beautyrest mattresses that offer firmness levels in between Ultra Plush and Medium. Smaller side sleepers under 150 pounds may like the Ultra Soft model, but most other side sleepers will appreciate Plush and Medium for the extra supportiveness. 

Back and stomach sleepers should pick a Beautyrest mattress that offers a firmness level between Medium and Ultra Firm. 

I primarily recommend Ultra Firm to heavier back and stomach sleepers over 230 pounds, because it's the most supportive. 

Medium offers a nice balance between pressure relief and support, and the Firm mattress model is a good choice for people who live with back pain because of its medium-firm profile. 

Combination sleepers who spend an equal amount of time in different sleeping positions, a Beautyrest mattress with a Medium firmness level will be soft and firm enough to accommodate you. 

Body type 

Beautyrest mattresses are all designed with pocketed coil systems that the brand refers to as T1, T2 and T3 technology. Regardless of the mattress you get, it'll be supportive enough for all body types. Beds that boast T3 pocketed coils will just be even more supportive and durable. 

Beautyrest mattress prices


TwinTwin XlFullQueenKingCal King
Black Hybrid
Harmony $699$729$779$799$1,149$1,149
Harmony Luxe $1,299$1,329$1,379$1,399$1,799$1,799
Harmony Luxe Hybrid $1,599$1,629$1,679$1,699$2,199$2,199
Pressure Smart $1,649$1,949$2,099$2,249$2,899$2,899

Prices listed above reflect the cost of the base model. 

Prices of a Beautyrest range from very fair to relatively expensive. While the brand offers a lot of luxury mattresses, you can also get a premium mattress for a very fair price, compared to other brands. The Harmony and Pressure Smart models are more comparable to bed-in-a-box mattress prices. 

Trial, warranty and shipping 

With every Beautyrest black mattress purchase, you can expect:

  • 100-night trial
  • Free white glove delivery
  • 10-year limited warranty

Once you purchase a model, you will be contacted by a customer service rep from Beautyrest who will coordinate a delivery date with you. When the delivery people arrive, they'll set up your mattress and conveniently take your old one away for you. 

Beautyrest mattress review final verdict 

Beautyrest is up there with the likes of Sealy and Tempur-Pedic and has been in the industry for long enough to know how to make a great quality bed. 

The Black Collection is their ultra-premium line while the Harmony Collection quality beds at more affordable prices. When you buy a Beautyrest mattress you can rest assured that you're making a good investment. 

You can always return your mattress for a full refund if it isn't up to your standards. If you want a premium mattress from a reputable brand, Beautyrest beds are a good choice and worth the money. 

How does Beautyrest compare to other mattress brands?

Beautyrest vs. Tempur-Pedic

When you compare two of the bedding industry's biggest names, Beautyrest and Tempur-Pedic, you have a lot of high-end mattresses to choose from. 

The biggest difference between the beds these brands offer is feel. Tempur-Pedic is known for its dense, prominent memory foam-feeling beds. It's the signature feel. Beautyrest mattresses can be purchased with big fluffy pillow tops, and feel more neutral and responsive.

Beautyrest vs. Saatva 

Saatva is a luxury online mattress brand. You won't find one in a brick-and-mortar store like Macy's or Mattress Firm. Like the beds from Beautyrest, the Saatva Classic is a durable and supportive hybrid bed. Saatva, however, has two layers of coils and a Lumbar Support wire for additional back support. Saatva is also more affordable than many of the beds offered by Beautyrest.

Beautyrest mattress FAQ

Is Beautyrest made by Serta?

Yes. Beautyrest belongs to the family of Serta, Simmons and Tuft & Needle brands.

Is Beautyrest Black worth it?

If you're looking for a premium mattress, the Beautyrest Black is definitely worth the money. This mattress offers great value for the price.

Is Beautyrest good for back pain?

If you have back pain, I recommend you opt for a firm mattress. The Beautyrest in the Firm option will be your best choice.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.