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Beat the Sunday Scaries: 6 Ways to Reduce Anxiety and Sleep Well Tonight

If you're dreading the start of your week, here's what to do.

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Ease your anxieties and get better zzz's on Sunday night by following these tips. 
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Too often, it seems like the weekend ends in a blink of an eye. And before you know it, you'll be face-to-face with the beginning of your week. Monday often marks the beginning of a five-day work or school streak, accompanied by a long list of different obligations. Because of the upcoming week's looming responsibilities, you may have a growing feeling of uneasiness on your last day off. 

There's actually a name for this phenomenon --  the Sunday scaries. According to a survey by Linkedin, 80% of 30,000 participants reported having this feeling before the start of their week. The Sunday scaries can even manifest as physical symptoms such as a headache, stomach ache, increased heart rate, sweating and poor sleep.

Sleep plays an important role in physically and mentally preparing you for a successful day. A full night's sleep has the power to boost your mood, improve decision making, maintain knowledge retention, promote a hard-working immune system, and  reduce stress and anxiety. 

Stress and anxiety are huge deterrents of sleep, and you may be unable to get some proper shut-eye come Sunday night once you crawl under the covers. 

Below, learn how a few small steps can help relieve feelings of the Sunday scaries, and allow you to get the full night's sleep you deserve. For more help on de-stressing at night, here's how you can tackle anxiety before bed and how to create the perfect playlist for sleep

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Start a journal

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Before going to bed, try organizing your thoughts and priorities into a journal. Daily journaling can help you de-stress, wind down and  make sense of the tasks or responsibilities you have to take care of. It's a way to express your feelings and manage your anxiety before you lay with your thoughts before bed. 

Practice yoga or meditation before bed

Practicing mindfulness through yoga or meditation can help center your thoughts, promote relaxation and give you the ability to effectively cope with your feelings of anxiety.

Yoga before bed can help ease your feelings of stress and, at the same time, increase melatonin levels to promote better sleep. Even deep breathing alone is a useful tool to help promote calmness, as it can change blood pressure and lessen the production of stress hormones. By alleviating your anxieties, you allow your mind to relax and wind down for sleep. 

Get exercise during the day 

Physical activity increases endorphins and neurotransmitters that promote happiness and can help relieve pain. In turn, this mood boost helps combat feelings of stress, anxiety and the Sunday scaries to help you get a better night's sleep. 

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Try these natural remedies for stress relief 

Woman journaling and drinking herbal tea next to a house plant

Drinking tea can help relieve stress and promote better sleep.

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Rather than relying on melatonin, ZZZquil or other sleeping tablets, there are plenty of natural remedies you can use to help ease anxiety and promote sleepiness. 

  • Herbal tea (magnolia, chamomile, valerian root)
  • Aromatherapy using essential oils like lavender, chamomile and jasmine
  • CBD oil, creams or gummies 
  • Eat nutritional foods like oats, whole grains, leafy greens, nuts and free-range eggs 

Remember, it's okay to say no

Prioritize your most important tasks and put others on the back burner that don't require as much focus. Don't feel obligated to take on too many responsibilities if you can't fit it all on your plate. Oftentimes, we can feel overwhelmed or anxious before starting a week when it's filled to the brim with tasks we have to accomplish. 

Turn down additional requests if they aren't a high priority and you feel it'll overload your capacity. Taking control of your workload can help lower the stress of a demanding schedule. 

Make Monday a day to be excited for 

Rather than dreading Monday, make it a day to look forward to. Plan a fun meet-up with a co-worker or friend at a local hot spot. If you'd rather roll solo, you can make it a day to treat yourself to a good dinner or sweet treat after your obligations. 

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