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Relax your aching shoulders with this shiatsu heat massager, on sale for $20 (71% off)

Or use it on your lower back, legs, waist... anywhere that could use a little TLC.


The past year of working from home has done a number on my shoulders and back, and though that's somewhat relieved with a good chair and a standing desk, sometimes a direct massage is all that will help. The Sulives Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat is a solid option for days when you need immediate relief and don't want to shell out for a professional massage, and it's on sale for $20 today -- $50 off its usual list price. This deal comes from Amazon-owned store Woot, and Prime members get free shipping. 

The Sulives Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager goes around your neck and shoulders, and comes all the way down so that your hands can slide into it comfortably. This gives you more control over the amount of pressure you want, and it means you also don't have to worry about this massager sliding around. It uses eight bi-directional rotation knots with what it calls "4D kneading" to help with tension in your muscles, and it delivers heat to help you relax even more (a built-in overheat protection chip ensures you never get burned). You can adjust the speed and heat of the massager as well. 

Most people tend to tense up in their neck and shoulders, but if you've got aches elsewhere, this massager can easily address those as well. Lay it across your lower back, legs, waist or anywhere else you're feeling pain, then let the heat and kneading do their job.

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