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Pattern Beauty's deluxe shower bundle is $127

Cleanse and pamper your hair with this brand by Tracee Ellis Ross designed for curly and coily tresses.

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Pattern Beauty

Today, Pattern Beauty's deluxe shower bundle is back on sale for $127. For that price, not only do you get huge bottles of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and hair oil -- you also get a hair clip, hair towel and my favorite shower brush.

Since I've used all of these products minus the hair clip and the towel, here's everything you need to know: The shampoo doesn't rob your hair of essential oils and the conditioner replenishes moisture. The leave-in conditioner has a nice consistency, while the hair serum locks in moisture. The shower brush is by far my favorite item in this bundle because it's so strong; it detangles my hair without the bristles buckling under the pressure.

People with curly and coily textured hair would benefit from this product because it's created for 3 and 4 type curls. You may want to steer clear of this bundle if your hair is naturally oily or if your hair is type 1 or 2. But that doesn't mean it wouldn't make a good gift for someone else. 

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