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These Hair Clippers Are the Ultimate Gift for At-Home Barbers

The Oster Fast Feed hair clipper is the best gift this holiday season for self-taught barbers.

Adam Auriemma Editor in Chief
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Adam Auriemma

If you're like me, you stopped going to the barbershop during the pandemic and learned to cut your own hair instead.

Now, I was never particularly good at that, and there were definitely a few occasions where I wore a baseball cap during Zoom meetings to hide the wreckage of my attempts. These days, I'm back at the barbershop every two weeks.

Others fared better. My boyfriend took to the home haircutting experience, and he enjoys the flexibility of giving himself a touchup whenever he needs one. He can save himself time and money by going to the barbershop less frequently.

So this year, I'm going to get him an upgrade.

Why it's a great gift: Hair clippers are a great gift for anyone who's looking to save a little money and keep their hair looking spiffy. And the Oster Fast Feed hair clippers are the best home set I've found. They're barbershop-quality, sturdy, sharp and surprisingly quiet. And the price is reasonable, especially for the quality. 

What you'll pay: The Fast Feed clippers have a list price of $97, but you can get them for around $70 to $75 on Amazon, depending on which color you choose. At that price, they'll pay for themselves after a few cuts. Now I won't feel so bad when I ask my boyfriend to give me a haircut.

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