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Save up to 30% on Briogeo healthy hair kits today

Hydrate and revitalize your locks with a line of hair care products designed to work for everyone.


If you're looking for a new hair care line or just a few items to clean and moisturize your hair, I'd like to turn your attention to Briogeo. Right now, you can save up to 30% with healthy hair kits and get a free mini hair repair set, plus free shipping.

Here's why I really like this brand. The first thing is that this brand is for everyone. There are products in this line for type 1 (straight) to type 4 (coily) hair. And if you don't know what products will work for you, check out the company's hair quiz, which was accurate for what I know about my own hair needs. 

The other thing I like is the ingredients used. I tried the Apple Honey Hydration hair repair kit, and it has apple honey complex, rosehip oil and algae extract in it to hydrate, condition and protect your hair. This particular kit worked well. The shampoo had a nice lather to it, while the deep conditioning mask and regular conditioner gave me some much needed hydration. I have no complaints about its effectiveness, but the travel-size shampoo and conditioner didn't last too long with how much I used it! That said, I'm pretty excited to try Briogeo's other products to see just how they can improve my hair issues.

I'd recommend this brand if you want hair care products infused with food extracts that smell good, but also work well. 

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