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Get a Myro Everything Bundle Subscription for $60 (Save $40)

You'll smell good and act sustainably, too.

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Back in January, I had the opportunity to sample Myro, a brand devoted to promoting global health through the use of reusable plastics. At the time, I was using other natural deodorants to find the right one for me. And today, I'm still using Myro. I can definitely recommend this brand as an excellent option for anyone who wants to smell nice while maintaining sustainable practices. 

If you want to smell good too, you should try one of two subscription packages available right now. The first is the $60 Everything bundle (save $40). This package features a refillable deodorant case, a reusable body wash bottle and three refills each. If you don't need body wash, you can get the $35 Go Natural kit (save $20), where you get three deodorant scents and a refillable case. Delivery is flexible and quarterly, and you can change or cancel at any time. 

So does it work? For me, it certainly does, and I've been using natural deodorant for almost 10 years. Whether it will work for you depends. If you already use natural deodorant, it should, but if you're just starting out, give yourself a grace period. You'll need to first detox the deodorant you're using out of your system, then try Myro. Switching from aluminum to aluminum-free deodorant will take some patience, so be kind to yourself while you make the transition.

If you're already a natural deodorant fan, for scents, I recommend Solar Flare (orange, juniper and sunflower) or Spa Day (salt air, lavender and cypress). Both smell amazing. However, if subscriptions aren't your style, you can always buy the deodorant individually from the bundles too. 

What else should you try if Myro isn't your style? I'd go with the ever popular Native or Pit-Pourri, which will shut down any odors before they ever happen.

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