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To access birth control, you don't necessarily need to go to the pharmacy. Online delivery services enable you to get birth control delivered to your doorstep for free. In most cases, you can obtain your birth control prescription online, too. There's no shortage of companies that provide these birth control services, whether you need the pill, the patch, the ring, shots or an IUD. 

This article covers basic information about getting birth control online, but make sure to do your research so you don't run into any hidden fees or other surprises. For example, some companies have age restrictions, some don't accept insurance and some don't provide their services in all states. Additionally, some companies don't actually prescribe -- you must transfer an existing birth control pill prescription from your health care provider to use their service. 

That said, there's probably something out there that will work for you. If you're interested in ordering online birth control and getting it delivered to your home, check out this comprehensive list. 

Alpha Medical
  • Consultation fee: $15 
  • Accepts most health insurance
  • Without insurance, pills start at $15 per month
  • Offers free home delivery and pharmacy pickup
Blink Health
  • First month as low as $10, including online doctor visit; after that, $10 per month plus the cost of the medication refills
  • Or transfer an existing prescription to get Blink Health's low prices
  • No insurance plan required for this birth control option
  • Offers free shipping or pharmacy pickup
  • Consultation fee: $15 (free with most insurance)
  • Accepts insurance
  • Without insurance, pills start at $7 per pack
  • $15 annual membership fee
  • Home delivery and pharmacy pickup 
  • Free initial consultation
  • Plans start at $12 per month
  • Does not accept insurance
  • Home delivery only
HeyDoctor by GoodRx
  • $19 per month flat subscription price if you have a $10 monthly subscription
  • No insurance needed
  • Offers home delivery and pharmacy pickup
Lemonaid Health
  • Consultation fee: $25 (no fee for returning patients)
  • Accepts insurance
  • Without insurance, pills start at $15 per pack
  • Home delivery every three months (three packs at a time)
  • Consultation fee: $15 
  • Choose your birth control method from oral contraceptive, patch, ring or shot
  • Accepts insurance
  • Without insurance, pills start at $15 per pack
  • Offers free home delivery and pharmacy pickup
Pandia Health
  • Consultation fee: $20
  • Offers prescription transfers for active prescriptions
  • Accepts insurance.
  • Without insurance, pills start at $15 per pack
  • Offers home delivery only
Planned Parenthood
  • Consultation fee: Free for mail-order birth control, $15 to $25 if you want to pick it up at a local pharmacy
  • Accepts insurance
  • Medication prices vary based on insurance, prescription and location, but most states start at $25 per pack
  • Consultation fee: Without insurance, $129 plus membership fee ($15 per month or $99 per year)
  • Medication prices vary based on insurance, contraceptive method and prescription
  • Also offers the patch, shot, ring, implants and IUDs (costs vary)
  • Pharmacy pickup and home delivery
Prjkt Ruby
  • Free consultation
  • Does not accept insurance
  • Flat rate of $20 per month for pills
  • Home delivery only
Simple Health
  • Consultation fee: $15
  • Accepts insurance
  • Without insurance, pills start at $7 per month
  • Also offers birth control ring and patch
  • Home delivery only
Twentyeight Health
  • Yearly $20 fee covers doctor's evaluation
  • Pills are free with insurance
  • Without insurance, pills start at $16 per month
  • Also offers ring, patch and shot
  • Home delivery only
  • Consultation fee: $59 without insurance, less depending on insurance coverage
  • Pill prices vary based on insurance and prescription
  • Also offers patch and vaginal ring
  • Pharmacy pickup only
  • Consultation fee: $0, even without insurance
  • Pills start at $5 per pill pack for pharmacy pickup
  • Pills start at $16 for home delivery
  • No insurance needed

Who should buy birth control online?

Anyone who is generally healthy and needs contraception can safely buy birth control using a birth control delivery service. Telemedicine companies use qualified health care professionals to prescribe hormonal contraception, or you can simply transfer an existing prescription you received from an in-person doctor visit. 

You shouldn't replace your annual visit to the gynecologist, or even your primary care doctor, with telemedicine services. Telemedicine screenings for birth control can't catch signs of cervical cancer, reproductive health issues or other health complications, so it's still important to get in-person patient checkups to make sure you're healthy.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.