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Since many people are avoiding spas and salons for the foreseeable future, this is the year to double down on your at-home beauty routine. Long gone are the days of being able to rush off to the salon or stylist on a whim for a haircut or manicure. 

While we wait for things to feel safer again, why not give your family and friends the best beauty tools that can help them keep up their appearance at home?

From all-in-one hair styling tools to manicure sets, this list includes some of the most exciting products out there that your salon-starved friends and family will be grateful for. We've included a few high-end items along with budget-friendly ones as well.

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For that person in your life who loves a blowout but hates the hassle of doing one at home, this Revlon brush is a serious game-changer for your hair. It's a hair dryer and styling brush combo that takes away the hassle of having to hold two different styling tools at once. 

I can personally attest to how brilliant this brush is, and almost everyone I know who's tried it feels the same way. With naturally curly hair, I used to have to spend 20 minutes trying to blow out my hair. But now, I let it air dry slightly and all I have to do is spend about 5 to 10 minutes with this brush and my hair looks sleek and has that bouncy "I just came from the salon" look.

Screenshot by Mercey Livingston/CNET

Lots of us were used to regular manicures prepandemic, but now you may either totally opt out of salon visits or your manicures are way less frequent. For someone who loves having their nails done all the time, they will love this manicure set that makes doing your own nails easier. 

Olive and June developed a nail polish bottle handle specifically for someone who is painting their own nails. The flat, wide handle gives you better control as you paint your nails, and it's more comfortable to hold than a typical polish bottle handle. The kit also includes a nail polish remover pot, nail clipper, file, buffer cube, top coat, nail polish and a cuticle serum. 


The Dyson air wrap is as much a conversation starter as a hair-styling tool. Gift this to a friend or family member and people will constantly ask them about it (and likely want to try it). The air wrap tool automatically wraps your hair around the barrel, drying and styling it all at once. The Dyson technology allows your hair to dry and style with hot air instead of heating the barrel itself, which is supposed to create less hair damage than a curling iron.

The Dyson Air Wrap itself is usually $500, but this set on Amazon also includes several styling brush attachments and two different size air wrap barrels for $50 less than the retail price. You also get a storage case and a prestyling dryer attachment so you can get most of the water out of your hair before you style.


These are not your average stick-on nails. ManiMe uses custom-fit 3D technology to tailor each sheet of stick-on gel nails to your own. When you purchase a sheet of the 3D gel nails (which come in a ton of cool colors and intricate designs) you send in several photos of your hands and nails. 

ManiMe uses 3D-modeling technology to shape and cut the stick-on nails to fit your own exactly. Once you submit your photo, the custom gels ship within two to four business days. 


Anyone who loves to style their hair smooth and straight but hates the damage, will love this smart flat iron. The flat iron adjusts heat levels based on your hair texture, if you color it, the length and more that you enter into the smart settings. 

Once you enter your settings, the iron automatically adjusts the heat based on your needs. You can change out the settings over time, or you can switch the iron into manual mode if you want to adjust the heat yourself.


For that person who always uses white strips, help them brighten their smiles with this tech kit that steps up their teeth-whitening game. The kit uses a Bluetooth-enabled LED light and heat (similar to professional tooth-whitening treatments) mouthpiece that is supposed to make teeth whiter, faster. The device syncs to an app so you know how long to use the device and how often, get reminders on when to use it, and track your teeth's whitening progress. 

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