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Willow's New Breast Pump Gives You More Storage for Less Money

The Willow Go is more affordable and has more milk capacity than the original.

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Jessica Rendall
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The new Willow Go.


Gone are the days of being hooked up to an outlet with bottles dangling from your breasts. The next generation of breast pumps is here, and parents can now make their lives a little less machine-dependent.

Willow, one of the companies selling smart breast pumps, is the maker of an in-bra pump that's so wearable it earned rave performance reviews -- including from CNET's Bridget Carey, who used it throughout a work event. Now, the company is announcing a new pump called the Go. While it doesn't allow for as much movement as the original Willow 3.0, it's wearable, hands-free and cord-free. It's also $170 cheaper, selling for $329. (It may be as low as $150 with most insurance providers, Willow says.) 

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While you won't be able to be quite as active with the Go compared with the previous model (which is still around and promises "360 degree mobility" when you use Willow's spill-proof milk bags), the Go is made for multitasking, Willow says. It also gives you more space for milk, with up to 14 ounces per session when you buy Willow's 7-ounce containers. The Go comes with 5-ounce containers.

The removal bags Willow sells as an accessory are not compatible with this new model. 

You'll be able to track your pumping progress with the Go through Willow's app (which also offers tips and an onboarding session on how to use the pump), and switch between two modes: stimulation and expression. There are also nine suction levels to choose from.

While parents who want the most movement for their money might want to spring for the 3.0, the Go offers freedom and more milk capacity at a more affordable price. It will also fit different-sized chests, as laid out by Willow's size guide.

The Go is $329 without insurance and available on Willow's website, at some Target stores, at some Buy Buy Baby locations and on Amazon.

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