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Quip Kids Electric Toothbrush brushes teeth on a 2-minute timer

Toothbrush subscription company Quip has a new electric toothbrush just for kids.

Quip has a new electric toothbrush for kids.

Quip's electric toothbrush service isn't just for grownups anymore. The subscription-based startup today announced that it's now selling an electric toothbrush just for kids. 

It's similar to the adult version, but sized down to suit smaller hands and teeth. 

The electric toothbrush sets a timer for 2 minutes and pulses every 30 seconds so you know how much time is left. 

Quip says the brush bristles are soft and can work for kids with braces. It's supposed to be waterproof, too, enough so that Quip claims it's "shower-safe."

There are two subscription options:

Pay $25 up front for a toothbrush, a brush head and watermelon-flavored toothpaste. After that it's $10 every three months to get a fresh brush head and new toothpaste.

Or, you can pay $30 up front for a toothbrush and brush head -- and then pay $5 every three months for a new brush head. 

So if you don't want the toothpaste, you have to pay a little more initially, but less every quarter. We don't yet have information on international availability and pricing.

The battery-powered Quip toothbrush for kids is supposed to last for three months on a single charge and a new battery comes with each new brush head. 

It comes in pink, green, purple and blue color finishes, as well as a cover to protect the bristles when it isn't being used. 

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