Kellogg enters the faux-meat game with its 'Incogmeato' burger

The company's Morningstar Farms line already sells popular veggie burgers, but this new patty will "bleed" like the Impossible Burger.

Amanda Capritto
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The explosively popular imitation meat industry that began with Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat shows no signs of slowing. Kellog announced on Wednesday that its new "Incogmeato" line of products will hit grocery store shelves in early 2020

The new products will be made from non-GMO soy, making them similar to the Impossible Burger, which uses soy leghemoglobin to create the meat-like taste and texture. Beyond Meat uses pea protein as the main ingredient in the Beyond Burger, which gets its red hue from beet extract.

Kellogg's new brand takes things one step further than many of its competitors, offering a suite of vegan products that includes plant-based burger patties, plant-based nuggets and plant-based tenders. You'll be able to find the burger in refrigerated aisles near regular beef products, while the Chik'n nuggets and Chik'n tenders will be in freezer aisles near other frozen chicken products. 

Impossible Foods only has one product, the Impossible Burger, while Beyond Meat offers the Beyond Burger, Beyond Beef (ground), Beyond Beef Crumbles and Beyond Sausage. A UK-based company, The Meatless Farm Co., recently made its US debut by stocking more than 450 Whole Foods stores with its Meatless Farm burger

Kellogg's announcement also follows news that Tyson hopped on the faux-meat bandwagon, as is Hormel with its Happy Little Plants product line. Just today supermarket giant Kroger announced a line of plant-based meat products from its Simple Truth brand.

Kellogg is certainly entering a saturated market, but with such a strong household name and its current hold over the No. 1 veggie burger spot, the company shouldn't encounter much trouble.

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