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Nextdoor, Walmart team up to pair you with neighbors who need help shopping

The Groups feature now lets you request help from a neighbor or offer to run to Walmart for vulnerable neighbors.


Community-focused social network Nextdoor says it wants to make it easier for neighbors to shop for neighbors during the pandemic.

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The Nextdoor app is partnering with Walmart on a program called Neighbors Helping Neighbors. The effort is meant to make it easier for neighbors to help each other grab groceries or other household and medical items from Walmart during the spread of COVID-19. Nextdoor users will be able to request assistance through the app and on, and those able to head to the stores can offer to help.

"This support network makes it easier for vulnerable community members to coordinate the pickup and delivery of their groceries, medications and other essentials with a neighbor who is already planning a shopping trip to their local Walmart store, completely contact-free," Nextdoor said Thursday. 

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To take part, click on the Groups tab on Nextdoor. Nearby Walmart stores will be pinned at the top of the page, and you can send a message in the group feed to say you want to help someone, or you need help. 

According to Nextdoor, it's seen a seven-fold increase in people joining groups to help each other in the last few weeks.

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