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New Hiking-Focused Insert From Superfeet Lowers the Price of Trail Comfort

Your hiking shoes could probably use some additional support, and Superfeet aims to deliver.

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Russell Holly mirror selfie
Russell Holly
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Russell Holly
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Superfeet insole sliding into a hiking shoe

Comfortable footwear is the most important thing for any hiker, from the casual afternoon walk in the hills to the multiday backpacker. And while a good pair of hiking shoes can last you a long time if properly cared for, the insoles are often the first thing to go. The folks at Superfeet have different insoles for walking, running and hiking to ensure the right parts of your feet are taken care of, but the best thing about its latest model is it's also one of the cheapest for hikers. 

Superfeet's new Adapt Hike Max insole offers a lot of the same things you'll find with almost everything the company makes. It's got moisture-wicking fabric to help deal with odor, supports high arches and because it's a hiker-friendly model, it offers additional cushion in the heel and forefoot compared to other models. But while the other hiking insoles from Superfeet start at $55, the Adapt Hike Max has dropped its price tag to $50. 

While these insoles are brand new and have yet to be tested, my previous experiences with Superfeet have been positive. These insoles cup your feet instead of laying flat, don't slide around inside your shoe, and flex in the right places without bunching up. The Adapt Hike Max promises to be all of those things, but are aimed at making your feet more comfortable on the trail. If it lives up to that promise, these insoles would be a must for anyone getting ready to get out and explore.

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