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New Oura Ring Features Want to Help You Manage Stress

They aim to identify what's stressing you out and then provide context for how to manage it.

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Jessica Rendall
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Oura 3 ring, with green LEDs lit on inside
Scott Stein/CNET

Oura, maker of the smart ring that monitors your sleep, temperature and more, unveiled a new feature Tuesday that's designed to help users identify stressful moments or events in their life, as well as two additional features meant to help them manage that stress. 

Starting today, the Daytime Stress feature will capture stress readings every 15 minutes using biometric data such as heart rate and  temperature. Oura says this may give you a picture of which experiences are causing you stress. And this winter, the company is adding Stress Resilience, which combines the new stress-tracking feature with information on how you recover from it. This is meant to provide insight into how you bounce back from stress and even add recommendations for how to do it.

"Being human is inherently stressful," Holly Shelton, chief product officer at Oura, said in a press release. "We all experience stress and it's often depicted as something we need to eliminate and avoid at all costs. When understood and managed well, stress can be your ally in boosting productivity, flexing your creativity, and building resilience."

Oura's ring in a brushed titanium color against a glacier background

Oura is also announcing a new color of ring for its Horizon style: brushed titanium. 


In AI news, Oura is adding Reflections, an AI-powered journal function, to its app. Currently available in beta for iOS, the feature lets users speak and record a short entry and, Oura says, "use a single gesture to record mood and mental state." The feature uses speech recognition and AI-powered auto-tagging. 

The same day it unveiled its new stress-focused features, Oura also announced a new color for its ring lineup: "brushed titanium" for its Horizon style of ring. Oura rings start at $299 and there's a $6 monthly membership for accessing in-depth features, including the new stress-related features. 

Oura's latest announcement builds on a company development earlier this year that makes sharing sleep data with your therapist a no-brainer, as well as other Oura additions to sleep-tracking and wellness insights

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