Company Offers a Free Month of Psychedelic Therapy to People Who've Lost Their Jobs

For those who qualify in Washington state, Field Trip is offering one free month of ketamine-assisted therapy while services are available this December.

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The use of psychedelics to treat mental health disorders is expanding in popularity. Riding that wave, Field Trip, a psychotherapy company, is offering one free month of its ketamine-assisted therapy program this December to those who live in Washington state and are struggling with their mental health. The company cited job losses in the tech industry as one of the main drivers behind the promotion, though anyone who lives in Washington and qualifies is eligible.

The promotion was initially open to people living in Washington and California when it was announced on Nov. 30, but "due to overwhelmingly positive response to the offering at launch," the program is only accepting applications in Washington, Field Trip's CEO and Founder Ronan Levy said. 

And while Levy said the promotion was inspired by mass layoffs in the tech industry, Twitter in particular, it's not limited to tech workers and is "open to anyone who is struggling with their mental health in these particularly trying times." 

Ketamine is being used more frequently as a treatment for depression in people who don't respond to typical anti-depressants or "traditional" treatments. In addition to therapy supporting the drug, ketamine is given through lozenge or tablet, in-clinic infusion or nasal spray. It comes in different forms: esketmaine and racemic ketamine. The first esketamine treatment for depression was approved by the US Food and Drug Aministration in 2019 as a nasal spray.

The ketamine given through the Field Trip promotion is in the form of a racemic ketamine lozenge (not an infusion). People who join for the month promotion will likely get only get one ketamine experience, as one month of the program includes modalities besides ketamine, such as mediation nutrition coaching and more, Levy said.

While the exact treatment plan depends on the individual, ketamine doses are typically repeated over a period of weeks or months. So people who sign up for this program and are eligible for a free month would need to pay for additional months of treatment. A month of the Freedom hybrid program usually costs $299.

Individual consultations for the program are on a first-come, first-served basis. Those interested will need to fill out an assessment to see if they qualify and answer some questions about medical history. The code for the December promotion, which will expire when Field Trip's services are full, is freeandwell22. 

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