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Amazon Launches Virtual Care Clinic for Common Ailments

You can treat acne, eczema, migraines, seasonal allergies and more via Amazon Clinic.

Caroline Igo Editor, Sleep
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Caroline Igo
Amazon Clinic's landing page

Amazon's new Amazon Clinic provides virtual care to patients in 32 states. In conjunction with Amazon Pharmacy and One Medical, the clinic will offer a message-based service to those seeking treatment for more than 20 everyday medical issues, Amazon announced Tuesday.

Those interested will need to visit the Amazon Clinic site, select their ailment and fill out an intake form, and Amazon will connect them with a US-licensed telehealth clinician. The service doesn't take insurance, but is FSA- and HSA-eligible. Prices for a session with a doctor will be shown, and Amazon says it's on par with the average copay for a doctor's visit. Patients then receive a treatment plan and a follow-up with the clinician for up to 14 days, at no extra cost.

The Amazon Clinic telehealth physicians will be able to treat and prescribe medication for acne, asthma refills, birth control, cold sores, conjunctivitis, dandruff, eczema, erectile dysfunction, eyelash growth, genital herpes, gastroesophageal reflux disease, hyperlipidemia refills, hypertension refills, hypothyroidism refills, men's hair loss, migraines, motion sickness, rosacea, seasonal allergies, sinusitis, smoking cessation, urinary tract infections and yeast infections. 

Amazon hopes to expand to additional states within the next couple of months.

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