Google now gives free COVID test and vaccine details at a glance. Here's what to do

We'll tell you how to quickly find free testing locations and where to get a vaccine for kids and adults using Google Search.

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Google Search can show you where to get a free vaccine or COVID-19 test.

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Google added new COVID-19 features to its search tool on Wednesday for mobile users. The features can help you quickly find free testing locations and places to get vaccines for kids (and adults). You can also select specific vaccine brands: Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. These new tools come as COVID-19 delta and omicron variants continue to spread rapidly across the nation, with omicron rising from 12% of all confirmed COVID-19 cases last week to more than 73% today.  

To get started, open a Google app on your mobile phone that has a Google search field and type or say a term like "COVID vaccines near me." You'll then see a list of pharmacies and medical facilities offering the COVID-19 vaccines. You can modify your search so that it only shows pharmacies giving the Pfizer vaccine, for example. To find free testing locations, search "free COVID testing near me." If a site offers free tests, it'll say "Free COVID-19 testing." If not, it might say something like "The cost of rapid tests is $100."

Earlier in December, President Joe Biden announced another tool that lets you quickly find Moderna and Pfizer booster shots and vaccines nearby. He also said at-home COVID-19 test kits would soon be free for everyone, regardless of their insurance status.

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