This Hands-Free Massage Gun Targets All the Hard-to-Reach Areas

It's the first ever mountable, hands-free massage gun.

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person using vertigun mounted on wall

The Vertigun is the first hands-free mountable massage gun.


Massage gun fans rejoice: Hard-to-reach spots, like your back and neck, will be easy to access without twisting and turning thanks to a hands-free tool revealed at CES 2023.

At CNET we've tested massage guns at various prices and styles, but Symbodi's newest massage gun marks a change in the way wellness companies approach design. Symbodi says its new Vertigun is the first hands-free mountable massage gun. 

Symbodi already sells the mountable massager in the Vertiball and the Vertiroller, but this is the first time it's created its own massage gun that's handheld and wall-mountable. In addition to having a hands-free option, Symbodi says the Vertigun also has a long battery life and is one of the quietest massage guns on the market. 

Although I haven't had the chance to try it, I was impressed by Symbodi's take on what a hands-free massage gun should look like. Below is a breakdown of its stand out features.

How the Vertigun works

The Vertigun looks like a standard full-sized massage gun and comes with three attachments (angle, disperse, pinpoint). According to Symbodi, the Vertigun was designed to resist the weight of a human body, and also made quiet enough to be used on a household wall. It offers six speeds (1,200 to 3,200 revolutions per minute), has an 8-hour battery life and provides 13mm of amplitude, which penetrates deep for a massage gun. It also comes with an airlock mount, a wall adapter and a carrying case. 

To use the Vertigun hands-free, all you have to do is set up the wall adapter attachment by snapping it into the sides of the massage gun and then fastening the airlock mount on a smooth surface on your wall. You then slide the Vertigun on the mount and it's ready for use. I've seen massage gun wall mounts before on Amazon and Kickstarter, but nothing as sophisticated as Symbodi's set up. Based on the demonstration, it looks simple to assemble and use, which is always a plus.

vertigun on its own and with the airlock mount

The Vertigun comes with a massage gun, an airlock mount and a wall adapter.


Compared to massage guns previously tested, the battery life is comparable to the Ekrin Athletics B37S, which also lasts eight hours. The speed and amplitude falls in line with other massage guns, but what stands out to me is the sound output. At just 28 decibels of operational sound output at speeds one through three within an 8-foot radius, it's possibly the quietest massage gun on the market so far. Therabody has tried cutting back the noise on the rival Theragun, but even the newest models could stand to scale back on sound. It will be interesting to see how Symbodi's newest product will influence other massage gun brands to create their own hands-free and quieter models. 

If you're interested in purchasing a Vertigun, it's available for preorder on Symbodi.com for $400. Amazon is also expected to carry the device later this year.  

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