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Peloton announces $400 price drop on the original Peloton Bike

The Peloton Bike's retail price has dropped by over 20%, the company announced Thursday, making the luxury spin bike significantly more affordable.


On Thursday, Peloton announced a major price drop for the product that made it famous, the Peloton Bike. You can now purchase the bike for $1,495 in the US, a full $400 off of the previous price tag and the lowest price we've seen yet (and there are similarly steep price drops in the UK, Canada, Australia and Germany). 

The new price is a big deal for a product whose major downside has always been its cost. The Peloton Bike, which originally retailed for $2,245 when CNET reviewed it in 2019, was the first exercise bike to replicate the experience of an in-studio fitness class, by way of a touchscreen and a large library of virtual spin classes. The bike is Peloton's flagship product, and the one that gradually rocketed the company to stardom after its debut in 2014. At the same time, its high price cemented its reputation as a luxury item -- in addition to the cost of the bike itself, users also have to pay $39 a month to access Peloton workout content. 

But as Peloton expands its scope to more advanced bikes, treadmills and more, its original stock is becoming cheaper and more accessible for home fitness consumers. For example: Peloton launched the new Peloton Bike Plus in September 2020, with a larger rotating touchscreen and the ability for instructors to automatically adjust your bike resistance. The Bike Plus retailed for $2,495, and the original bike model went down to $1,895. 

The Peloton Tread treadmill is also due to return to market on Aug. 30 after an initial safety recall. It will also cost $2,495.

Now that the original bike has lowered in price once again, it's likely that more people will finally be able to spring for a Peloton rather than searching for lower-cost alternatives. And despite not having the new bells and whistles of the Bike Plus, the original Peloton Bike offers most of the same perks: access to live and on-demand classes (including a leaderboard that shows who else is in class with you), performance metrics and Bluetooth integration. 

The company is also attempting to make the Peloton experience more accessible in other ways. In addition to the price drop, Peloton announced new financing options for the Bike Plus and the Tread -- and as always, there's the option to get the Peloton app without the matching home equipment.

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