Over 2 Million Peloton Bikes Recalled: Here's What to Do if You Have One

Stop using the original Peloton exercise bike until you can get a replacement seat post.

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A Peloton Bike user pauses during a workout

Got an original Peloton exercise bike? You should replace its seat post. Peloton is recalling more than 2 million of its exercises bikes over concerns the seat post could break unexpectedly during use, potentially causing you to fall or get an injury while working out. 

Peloton and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall on Thursday for original Bike models sold in the US since January 2018. The bikes, which start at $1,445, were sold at Peloton and Dick's Sporting Goods in stores nationwide and online, as well as online at Amazon.

The company said it has received 35 reports of seat posts breaking during use, along with 13 reports of injuries, including a fractured wrist, lacerations and bruises due to falling from the bike.

If you have an original Bike, you should stop using it until you can get a free replacement seat post from the company. Here's how to check if your Peloton Bike is included in the recall and get a new seat post. 

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How to check if your bike is part of the recall

The recall is for original Peloton Bike models with the model number PL01 sold in the US between January 2018 and May 2023. The model number is on a label located on the inside of the front fork, near the flywheel. 

Peloton said an original Bike model can also be identified by "its red 'P' logo followed by the white-coloured 'Peloton' brand name on the bike's frame, and by its non-swivel display."

The company said it is contacting affected owners in the US via email. People with questions can also call the company's customer support toll-free at 866-679-9129. 

The recall does not include Bike Plus models or original Bike models sold outside the US. 

How to get a replacement seat post

Peloton is offering Bike owners in the US a free replacement seat post that they can install on their own. You can request one by filling out an online order form on Peloton's website. 

The company said a service call shouldn't be needed to replace the seat post and instead shared a video that walks you through the steps. The instructions appear relatively simple, and installing the new part shouldn't take more than a few minutes once you have the replacement seat post. 

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