ClassPass deal: Get a free month of exercise classes

Try thousands of fun workout classes around the world -- for zero cost for the first month.

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Those modern cycling classes look fun -- but they're way too expensive.


Want to make 2020 the year you finally get fit, but can't find a workout you like? Enter ClassPass. Starting at 12 p.m. EST on Monday, Dec. 23, ClassPass is offering a month-long free trial to all first-time users -- all you have to do is sign up online (credit card required). ClassPass's typical trial period is seven days, so this promo is a good deal. The offer expires at 11:59 p.m. EST on Jan. 31.

ClassPass is a monthly membership to classes at more than 30,000 fitness studios and gyms everywhere from San Francisco and Salt Lake City, to Sweden and Singapore. The main selling point is that you don't need to commit to a single type of workout. You can shop around and try different types of classes, like yoga, TRX and full-body strength workouts. If you fall in love with a single studio, you can purchase a membership there (outside of ClassPass) or continue to mix up your fitness routine with ClassPass.

ClassPass has several pricing options if you decide to extend your membership past the free trial. At $15 per month, you can go to one class, while a $49 monthly subscription lets you to book up to seven classes per month.

I love trying out new workouts, but I don't love the lofty first-time fees for gyms or studios. In the next few days, I've made plans to go to SoulCycle and Orangetheory with family that's here for the holidays, but I only justify spending money on these unique workouts on special occasions. It would be really nice to have a single membership that allowed me to try a diverse array of fitness classes. I just did a quick search near me, and I can try out a boxing class, yoga, pilates, dance and more, so I'll definitely have to snag this ClassPass deal too.

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